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photography by Russ Roe

photography by Russ Roe


Good Folk Supper Club Hosts Exclusive Dinners For a Cause

Drawing inspiration from southern supper clubs, Beth Herbruck organizes intimate dinners with well-known chefs in secret locations, and a portion of the ticket sales goes to a local nonprofit…

photography by Russ Roe

photography by Russ Roe


NJMOMpreneur: Beth Herbruck, Good Folk Supper Club

When Beth Herbruck founded Good Folk Supper Club, she combined her Atlanta roots, family traditions, and New York City know-how to create a culinary-centered affair that puts community first. Guests come to GFSC’s tastefully designed dinner events to experience the work of New Jersey’s most talented chefs in unique locations and intimate settings; but it’s the attention to detail and sense of togetherness that encourages guests to return…



Shore supper club serves at secret spot Saturday

A well-known chef prepares a delicious meal in a secret location: Interested? If so, get your tickets to Good Folk Supper Club’s upcoming dinner. Once a month, the club dishes up a meal served by a guest chef at an undisclosed location. It is never a restaurant, and the location is not revealed until the day before the event.